The Storm of 2016

Seattle's Space Needle in the rain.

Seattle’s Space Needle in the rain.

By Milla Miller

It’s the day of Homecoming and Seattle has decided to start celebrating the end of summer.

Rain pours down in sheets so the horizon line is nothing but a gray blur. Trees bend to dangerous extents. The wind and thunder work together to create a frightening effect.

This is how Seattle looked all throughout the weekend following October 14th.

Although Seattle’s storm of 2016 was no where near as bad as was expected, these few days still caused quite a bit of trouble.

On Friday, Nathan Hale students had mixed reactions, ranging from awe and excitement to fear and sadness.

The storm was expected to be biggest storm Seattle has had in history, Freshman Kaya Jang said. The winds and rain were supposed to be the leftovers of a typhoon in Japan.

“The rain makes me sad because when it rains it looks like the world is crying,” Jang said on Friday.

Saturday evening was predicted to be the worst of the storm. Many students witnessed raging winds pushing the rain down in amazing waves.

However, it still didn’t bring much damage. Several students were very disappointed. The storm was “a huge fucking disappointment,” according to Jang.

Another student expressed the same level of drag, “The storm was not the aftermath of a typhoons like they said it would be in the news. It was more of the earth having a dramatic temper tantrum because the universe was out of sweetarts.”

Despite many student’s anger at the misleading news they had received the previous week, the weather still brought damage to many parts of Seattle.

Throughout this weekend, there were over 20,000 homes left without power– even if only for a few minutes– and many reports of fallen trees followed by gusts of wind up to 65 mph.

“I’m glad we over prepared. Then if something had happened we would have been fine,” said one student.

Things could’ve been a lot worse and it’s always good to be ready and practiced for what might come later this fall and winter.

For now however, Seattle has resolved it’s tantrums and ceased its crying.

Photo taken by Jack Brummet.

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