The Huskies should move on from Romar

Byline:Andrew Mayer

Lorenzo Romar, the University of Washington men’s basketball head coach, is the most underperforming coach in D1 basketball. I am impressed with the talent he has brought into UW men’s basketball, but what he has done with that talent is appalling. He hasn’t made an NCAA tournament in five years but has had five NBA draft picks in that time. In short, he’s had talent but no team success.

First off, I want to add that I mean no personal disrespect to Romar. He has done a lot for the community and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about his character.

There are nine teams that have had five or more draft picks since the 2012 NBA draft. These teams have in-total had 31 NCAA appearances, 22 Sweet 16 appearances, eight Final 4 appearances, and two NCAA championships. The UW men’s basketball team has accounted for none of these, while every other team on this list has made at least three NCAA appearances and two Sweet 16’s. Every other team with our level of talent has had a significant amount of postseason success. Bringing in talent means nothing if you can’t win the games.

It also doesn’t seem like it’s going to turn around anytime soon for UW. We have already lost back-to-back games against Texas Christian University, who went 12 and 21 last year and haven’t made the NCAA tournament since 1998. We also lost our home opener to Yale who is 3 and 4 and just lost a game to the Bryant Bulldogs. This disappointing performance is made even sadder by us also having a top NBA prospect, Marquelle Fultz.

There are 18 power seven teams, including UW, who haven’t made the NCAA tournament since 2011 or before. Only four of the programs haven’t had a coaching change since 2011: East Carolina, Clemson, South Carolina, and Penn State. The longest tenured coach, besides Romar, at any these 17 programs is Brad Brownell of the Clemson Tigers. Romar has been with the Huskies for 15 years, twice as long as any of the other coaches with their recent success or lack thereof. Simply put, the Huskies have no business being put in the same category as these teams, considering the type of talent we have had over the past five years.

I also understand he’s had some bad luck, like being the PAC 12 regular season champs and being left out of the NCAA tournament. But you can’t explain half a decade of poor performance with poor luck. However, I think he can no longer take the Huskies basketball team any farther. It is time for a change.

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