Talent “reign”-ing down

by Millie Jones

MASON TURNER_millie&kyra_2

(Photo by Nick Jansen)

If junior Mason Turner’s outgoing attitude and curly hair doesn’t catch your eye then his music sure will. His three person band “Mason Turner and the Reign”, in which he acts as lead singer and guitarist, also includes Center School junior Ivy Davis on bass, and drummer Gunner Streuli.

Turner has been playing guitar for roughly four years and has been composing his own music for the past two. He writes all of the songs and music for the band, getting inspiration for his lyrics from everyday life.

“Inspiration for my songs has come from just about anywhere,” Turner said. “Like walking into a room, it just kind of hits you.”

The band’s main musical inspirations are Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Costello. The result is a kind of bluesy rock that is heavy on guitar with meaningful lyrics. “The Reign’s” music is also influenced by hip-hop and soul.

“I listen to a lot of different types of music. I try to expand my taste as much as I can,” Turner said.

The band has undergone some recent changes due to the loss of their original drummer, Luca Cartner whose commitment to two other bands and his college schedule forced him to leave. The name of the band has also undergone several revisions, changing from “The Rain” to “Mason Turner and the Purple Sound” to “Mason Turner Trio.”

“We had about 100 ideas and it got pretty ridiculous,” Turner said.

This delayed the release of their first album which they had originally planned to record at the start of the year. After scouting out replacement drummer Streuli however, the band is back on track to record and release their debut, “Summer Man,” sometime in the next six months. Hopefully in time for them to be able to participate in 2016’s Sound Off competition.

Although they are still pretty new to the Seattle music scene, “The Reign” have received a lot of positive attention. The trio have played at many well known Seattle venues like the Neptune and Ballard’s Stoneway Cafe.  In 2013, the “Passing The Torch” and “Centrum” scholarships were given to Turner from the Washington Blues Society in “recognition of his potential as a blues artist.” Turner has also been making connections with other Seattleite artists like SoundOff 2015 finalists “BleachBear,” and recent Seattle success story, “Ayron Jones and The Way.”

“The Reign’s” next concert is on March 8th at the Red Crane Restaurant, at 4:00 pm. Tickets are $10 dollars.

As far as future plans are concerned, “The Reign” wants to expand their fanbase and play as many shows as they can while they work on their long awaited album.

“I want to take our music to the big stage,” Turner said. “I want to keep alive the loud, raw Seattle sound that everyone seems to love.”

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