Students Take the Stand

Hale’s mock trial is the only mock trial club in the area that is run by students; other schools are run by a teacher or mentor.

Mock Trial is exactly as it sounds, a mock of what a real trial is like.

The Hale Mock Trial Club is one of the only student run mock trial teams in the seattle district. The students in the club are divided into two groups. Half of them are the defense and the students remaining are the prosecution. Both sides are made up of attorneys and witnesses. The students get to experience what a real trial process is like through the cases the club presents.

Every fall, the club receives their case and practices until February to get ready for a face-off against other schools at the King County Courthouse. The prosecution and defense teams face off against the other schools’ teams, which are also divided into the two sides.

All the students have to master their roles perfectly and know the case like the back of their hands in order to present the strongest case and win.

This year the club received its case “Won’t Back Down” which involves a shooting in a situation of supposed self-defense.

The club’s student coaches, seniors Emma Fletcher-Frazer, Annika Bergstrom, and Heidi Klepac, learned the rules of the trial from the self-taught student coaches before them and continue to teach the new generation coming in.

Although the club is a great learning experience for those interested in law, they also welcome anyone who has an honest interest in the club. Most students interested in drama are assigned the role of a witness as it is also an acting experience and they can better convince the judge.

The club has all grade levels and many have been in the club since freshman year.

“The club and the members are great,” Klepac said. But the to be honest tere

When their supporter for the past years, history teacher Douglas Edelstein, retired last year, the club changed their meeting place to language arts teacher Sarah Fraser’s classroom. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school and stay as long as they feel necessary. On some days they meet outside of school to perfect their roles and give their best in the courtroom.

The club is filled with people who like to have fun, but also people who are willing to spend time outside of school and be serious when needed. The club is accepting of anyone regardless of your skills in the courtroom as long as you take your role seriously.

“Many people think it is only for people who want to be a lawyer but it’s not,” Klepac said.

If you are thinking about joining a club, Mock Trial is one to join whether you have an interest in law or if you want to improve your acting skills. It is a club filled with amazing people and is a great chance to gain experience.

Photo By: Tsion Ballo

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