Spoken word poem by Rosechelle Kawaka; MLK day assembly

by Rosechelle Kawaka

I don’t care anymore.

I’m tired of going out of my way to please other people
Making sure that they’re happy so I can keep our relationship stable

It’s like my hands are chained behind my back and mouth is duct taped
The do and don’t of my generation is the constitution society made

It’s like some sort of taboo that I can’t speak my mind
And that what I say is irrelevant but really who is to decide?

See like Beyoncé said I am alone and at crossroads
And nobody seems to think to help me carry this heavy load

Everyday is another 10 pounds added on
Going up this fat hill how Am I finna carry this jawn

I’m weak and stumbling nobody there to catch my fall
I feel like death is around corner so I slow down to stall
But time is running out
Everything that has a beginning comes to an end
The only way values get passed on is through our offspring the kids

And I don’t want my kids live like I did
But the world is only getting worse and harder to live in

That’s the only reason I choose press on
Because I want to make it easier for the next generation to move on

I want them to dream and just worry about themselves
Because I learned when you try and take care of other people before yourself
You start to get in trouble and no one is there to help

Yes I know Your help is precious
But don’t give it to people who just want to take advantage

Cuz once they take advantage of you and you helping them and you have your issues too
You just repeatedly get used
Till you hit rock bottom and you sit confused
All your friends left you Cuz they realized now you need help too

And yes it’s true
Treat others the way you want to be treated
But I don’t think that applies when you yourself is wounded

There has to be a balance esp if you ain’t getting nothing back
That’s just one of the lessons you learn when what you experienced is bad

If you had no clue I’m Spittin the truth from events in my life that I could died but I lived through
No more being nice just to get treated like a fool
An intelligent human being Ima show em what that Malcom X do
Yea I may not be drake but I still have my own views
Yea they murdered MLK but I had a dream too

Picture this

You’ve done nothing wrong but the gun is pointed at you
Hands up don’t shoot
The guy they tryna catch isn’t you
But because of the color of your skin they push aside the truth
Either 5 bullets in ya chest or you back eating jail food

Daddy always told me when stopped by policemen
Don’t act up or be rude or be smart with them
Even when they test you hold your tongue back between them lips
Cuz if you don’t then I may never see you again

Have your hands up on the wheel tell them every single move you want to make
And before you make them be sure to ask if it’s okay

Its part of my culture now to be taught proper etiquette in the presence of the law
Rip to philando Castile who reached for his ID and got shot

Daddy also always said when you go in a store take off your hood and hat
Don’t linger around to long or they may have a problem that

I shouldn’t have to do these things I know that fact
But I still do it to this day just so I don’t get clapped
You ask if I’m afraid oh no never that
I’m just trying to save my life cuz at any moment it could get snatched

Before you say anything like we all have to do that
Or that I’m over exaggerating something that is a fact
Stop and do your research and look at the stats
Because you’ll see exactly the same thing I’m looking at

May I ask

Are your people being bullied and belittled
Getting shot on a store run for some Arizona and skittles

Wouldn’t you be mad Even when having hands up in surrender
Cops Would put 12 bullets in a man and now he gone forever

Wouldn’t you be sad if one of your brothers is shouting I can’t breathe
While police enforcement watches letting him die on the street

Don’t it make you mad that little boy rice would be shot and killed
For playing with a gun that wasn’t even real

I know you gotta be heated that they beat up Rodney king shot and killed sterling and put a pic of his mug shot like his death was deserving

Some black people do have a past
But don’t forget white people also commit inhuman acts

But they get treated like humans and receive a second chance they beat the case and get a pat on the back and it’s funny they seem to be surprised when we mad

Then they shoot and laugh my people lines go flat they turn to our graves and say well you shouldn’t have been black


As I watch my Brothers and sisters fall
At the hands of people who think they’re in power of it all
I realize this is a wake up call
In need of allies to help support the future of my kids and I ain’t got no time to stall

Cuz they wanna Unlock our brains and feed it with lies
To think you have to gang bang and rep your set till you die
To think you don’t have a future so you hustle on the side
To think you are what they say you are but that’s for you to decide

So don’t tell me my people aren’t intentionally being killed
And that I shouldn’t over protect myself or have strong will

I wish you could take a lens and see this world through my eyes
You wouldn’t stand a single day in shoes my size
And you’ll probably realize that you wouldn’t survive
In a world knowing you’re not wanted but you still try

To live in

Yeah It’s a messed up world we live in
People always judging you for the color of your skin
I’m just tryna cope and not make the same mistakes again

Ima let my children know the real from the fake friends
To always keep your guard up mode in defense
Ima tell em what to do when stopped by law enforcement
The difference between Protecting your rights and criminal intent

just like my father did
Cuz with what been happening in the news ik it could save them

I can’t Bear to think that in a flash they could go from my children to being victims
But in reality that’s all a part of this system

But I want all you beautiful colored Ladies and gentlemen
To never give up even when your stuck in a difficult predicament

My heart gets broken when harsh words are spoken
But don’t let that faze you the King and Queen within you has woken

Because Gentlemen you are not a hoodlum or hoodrat
No you aren’t a thug or someone police have to track

You are Black excellence with a future brighter than no other
A strong pillar in the life of your family can’t find no other

You possess courage wisdom and strength
You have more perserverence than others who won’t dare to go the length

Your complexion is part of your identity so own it
Take advantage of it like you’re proud to be brown don’t blow it

Your swagger signifies the history with in your struggle
Your bold features hide your genuine personality in a bubble

And you are not to be falsely accused or looked down on
But instead a role model for the youth a king so put your crown on

Ladies don’t let what other people say about your melanin bring you down
Oh they out there saying that y’all are way too loud
Or tryna say you can’t rock your curls loud and proud
This is often what I say to encourage myself

I am a kinky haired, brown skin African American woman.
I am made of ¬†brown sugar, cocoa, honey yea I’m golden

Im dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace
Toasted in beauty a bold statement in every step that I take

As I sway my hips a unique melody plays
Because I know who I am I’m not just another colored face

I am an African Queen, embracing my Black beauty
And I refuse to have my self-esteem damaged Ima do me

I will never let my identity be disrespected by someone who doesn’t know my worth
Hopefully what I said has some value to you and you can put it to work

In closing: my African American brothers and sisters or anyone part of the minority. I wanted to add another point a wise man once wrote in a letter that we already have to deal with race related crap from other race and ethnic groups so why add it amongst our own we need to build each other up and be united as one no matter what our skin tone is and I agree why go against your own kind and take away our pride as a whole just because one is lighter or darker than the other. It’s up to each one of you to make a difference in how the world sees and treats us and act that starts with how we see and treat each other. Then we can fully be able to pursue anything we put our mind to knowing that we have people empowering us every single step to success we take . I encourage you all to dream like MLK and no matter what anyone says you can fulfill that dream. Thank you.

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