Should I Protest?


by Stanley Rex Godfrey

Should I protest?

That is a question I have been asking myself ever since the beginning of the 2016 election. I think all parties of the U.S. political spectrum would agree this has been an ugly few months. With all the major issues at stake and such different opinions on all platforms, it has been one of the most controversial elections in US history.

Now that it’s over, many of my friends and family are strongly opposed to the results. But thinking about my own personal values and beliefs have kept me on the fence. For the last couple of months many of protests have taken place across the nation… but why?

Trump won, fair and square. But what some on the liberal side have said is the electoral college made him win, and not the people. Many of these protests are about how the electoral college has “ruined America”.

But if half of Americans hated the electoral college, why didn’t they protest before the results of the election? If Citizens were as loud before the election than after words, I believe the electoral college would ended, and Hillary Clinton would have won.

But the very reason I haven’t been to these protests is because my many conflicting political opinions.

My life is good, I will admit that, but I feel like I have been selfish in thinking everyone else lives as comfortably as I have. Millions across the country are unemployed, or don’t have enough money to feed their families because of a bad system. Now, all these men and women probably take a massive part in the election because it’s their chance to make a change to society. I saw Hillary Clinton saying we don’t want change Obama was great, and I saw Trump saying we will make drastic change. It’s so obvious who I would choose. America needs readjustment and Trump will be the person who will do it.

But I am horribly conflicted. While I have great hopes for Trump as an economic leader, it is obvious he has also been appalling .

As a white person with Christian descent I can feel this optimistic. But knowing that Trump has threatened the lives of friends of mine, makes me feel like he was a horrible choice as well. Trump has continued to threaten and discriminate against thousands living in this country. And to top it off there is constant evidence that he has sexually assaulted multiple woman. It is possible that a rapist is probably in highest office.

The simple fact that he has become president is disturbing to me, and still, I am politically confused.

If he won the election shouldn’t that make him a superb choice? He has millions of supporters across America as well, which makes him seem like the right choice.

He is successful too, he has built indeed a reputation.

When thinking of all these topics I usually come down to one conclusion: That I can’t vote and also I’m not a citizen.

It just makes me feel bad criticizing a country that I am not a full resident of. So, to be honest I really didn’t know what to do this whole election. While friends would go their separate routes I would often remain sitting in the middle.

When Trump becomes fully in power it will be harder for me to avoid the pressure from my piers to either respect or disrespect the authority. I will still be asking:

Should I protest?


Photo by Ethan Maclaren


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