Pooh Bear takes the crown


Every February, the young men of Hale gather on the PAC stage in hope of receiving the highly respected title of Mr. Nathan Hale. On February 26th, 14 seniors competed in the eighth annual Mr. Nathan Hale.
The event, which kicks off the second semester, is always a topic of conversation. Chuck Tookey’s performance of Andrea Bocelli’s “Por Ti Volaré” last year was definitely one of the most memorable moments of 2015.
Hosts Nick Jansen and Sam Nasralla started off the night with a Cha-Cha/Irish Jig routine. Dora Houston completed the trio, entering to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” The hosts were hilarious, keeping the the audience entertained as Nasralla and Jansen cried out their undying love across the theater and Houston and Nasralla ran relay races in high heels.
The competitors performed some unforgettable skits. Noah Latsch and Daniel Rice did a risqué stand-up act, holding nothing back. Brian Shaw rapped about being a Pokemon gym leader. Elijah Falk and Nick Vadino wiggled around in tight white pants. Sage Suzerris played an impressive comedic duet on the piano with his escort Serena Barrett. And Nathan Lowe tried to convince Mr. Greenway (aka Chloe Noonan) to accept his late essay with his own rendition of Justin Biebers “Sorry.” One of the most unforgettable moments of the night was Garrett Lawrence’s talent. Lawrence began with an intentionally awkward stand up act, then faked a panic and fled the stage to sounds of roaring laughter.
This year’s champ Eli Konsker took to the stage singing “I Belive I Can Fly,” backed up by Vocal Jazz. Dressed in Gospel choir robes, his performance inspired the entire audience to wave glittering phone lights back and forth.
After a round of elimination, the contestants did their best to woo Houston, bombarding her with a plethora of pickup lines. Witty one liners featuring bears, mothers, chemistry and rice ensued. Fish flew, and so did hearts.
In the penultimate round the remaining contestants–Lawrence, Konsker, Suzerris, and Falk– along with their escorts, were presented with blue boxes full of unknown objects. They were given thirty-seconds to improvise skits based on these objects. Each contestant approached their mystery boxes creatively, but Konsker and Suzerris reigned supreme and Falk and Lawrence were eliminated.
The final hurdle was the question round. Konsker and Suzerris were asked rapid-fire questions that were supplied by the audience during intermission. Most of the questions were centered around dating and the contestant’s escorts. Suzerris ended up ranting about Donald Trump and Konsker taught the crowed how to Dougie.
After a quick deliberation, the judges awarded Konsker with crowncrown and sash.
“I didn’t expect it, I was very excited.” said Konsker. He thanked his escort Pearl Bradley, as well as Vocal Jazz, James Blue, and his Baseball buds Sam Leach, Theo Meacham, and Jacob Kohn.
This year’s Mr. Nathan Hale did not disappoint and was certainly a testament to the quality of the men of 2016.

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