Paloma Ford’s new EP shows a different side of R&B

Students playing Ford's new EP.

Students playing Ford’s new EP.

By Althea Ericksen and Lily Hallett

This month Paloma Ford released her long awaited EP, ‘Nearly Civilized.’ The last couple years Ford has been hinting a release of her album. Then in August she started saying that her album would finally be released in the beginning of October.

In 2013, Ford released two songs, “Ménage à Trois” and “Hit Of You”, which quickly became successful on YouTube. In 2014, Ford was featured on famous rapper, Meek Mill’s single, “I Don’t Know”. This peaked as #35 on Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #21 on the Hot Rap Songs chart.

Paloma grew up in California and then in high school moved to Ohio with her mom and stepdad. She said in an interview with Power 106 that right after high school graduation she moved back to California because she felt connected to the area she grew up.

I was excited for the release of the album after listening to her single, ‘Jada’ released last year. ‘Jada’ was a slow R&B track that showed off Ford’s more unplugged singing talents.

I think ‘Jada’ sets the tone of the whole album, each song is catchy. However it isn’t like the typical pop songs on the radio that have no real meaning. All the songs have a purpose, she sings about her love struggles and her determination in the music industry and how hard she has worked to make a name for herself.

A less recognized song, but my personal favorite is called “That sh*t ain’t cool”, the beginning beat is mainly piano and then she comes in quickly singing about a guy who doesn’t respect her.

Something her songs have that’s so refreshing from other music, is that she sings about female empowerment and doesn’t set an image that girls are objects. Most music has that concept and it’s nice to see music with a positive meaning and impact on others.

Photo by Althea Ericksen

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