by Thea Derby

Disney’s new movie, “Moana” has been a massive hit since it was release in November, grossing $104 million and rivaling “Frozen”

The movie features a girl named Moana Waialiki who has been raised within a village on an island. No one leaves the island because of the danger outside the reef. Moana’s father who is chief of the village enforced this rule particularly on Moana who has wanted to explore the ocean her whole life.

However, the island seems to be dying due to the heart being stolen from the island goddess, Te Fiti. In order to save her people Moana must find the thief and make them return what was stolen.

This is a musical, with the songs written by the very popular Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the Broadway Shows “Hamilton” and “In the Heights”. The music style in the movie is a mix of Pop, and world along with the film score.

The voice of Moana is 16 year old Auli’i Cravalho. She is from Hawaii and clearly very talented. Dwayne Johnson voices the other main character: Maui, a demi god.

Personally, I thought the movie was great. I found it clever and funny, along with musically well fone. It was nice to see a new type of a “Disney princess” movie. Moana wasn’t an actual princess and there also wasn’t a love tale entwined into the story which is one of the most common themes in Disney films. However it does have some fairly typical themes that Disney uses a lot which is a little cheesy.

Though the movie is targeted for a younger audience I do think that older ages will enjoy. The humor is an amusing mix for many ages.

I highly recommend this film to Disney lovers.

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