Janet Jackson is Unbreakable


Unbreakable is Janet Jackson’s 11th studio album

It’s the second half of the 80s. Full of new music, the disco era.

During this time, the famous Janet Jackson, youngest of the Jacksons, released her third and fourth smash hit albums.

Beginning with “Control” in 1986, then “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” in 1989.

Both of these albums brought to the world table some of Jackson’s most notable songs. These include but are not limited to, “Control,” “The Pleasure Principle,” “Rhythm Nation,” “Escapade” and “Miss You Much.”

Even today, these songs still hold an important place in fans’ hearts as well as their feet.

When born a Jackson, you have to know your dance moves as well as create your signature dance moves, hence MJ with his moon walk.

Today, Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” dance is still acknowledged today. Many people and performers have payed homage to the iconic dance moves of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation music video.

Some notable examples include, Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Spikes lip sync battle, and dancing with the stars with Tamar Braxton during music video week.

With her most recent album, Unbreakable, Janet Jackson continues to impress.

Unbreakable brings together Janet’s well known voice, a lot of well put together songs that have meaning and ease behind them.

This is a  R&B, rhythm and blues, album,and you can feel those vibes throughout the whole album, from the up beat “Burnitup! featuring Missy Elliott”, to the slow and sexy single, “No Sleeep (Second version features J. Cole)”.

It’s classic, yet upfront and loud. Its music I would share with my parents, unlike the usual pop music I listen to.

Lastly, the concluding song on the album, “Gon’ B Alright” sounds much like a throwback to Motown and Soul Train.  A happy and upbeat finish to the journey of an album.

So overall, this album has a classic Janet feel, yet it’s a new and refreshing feel for the R&B genre.

I highly recommend this album, give it a listen and tell me how you like it.


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