Hey Buddy, it’s Time to Get Nifty and be Thrifty

Red Light

4560 University Way NE 98105

Price: $$

Walking into Red Light comes with a greeting unlike any other store. Upon stepping in, customers are immediately welcomed into the shop’s cluttered, homemade atmosphere. The display signs and price tags are all handmade, mannequins are messily decorated with distinct clothing items, and the store is filled to the brim with one of a kind thrifted and vintage clothes, accessories, shoes, and costumes.

The boutique is organized into several sections. There are more basic parts spread across the store which include t-shirts, pants, and sweaters. But, smaller, more unusual sections are scattered throughout such as rock ’n’ roll, western, and decades. One section is specific for different styles of jewelry like pirate, disco, and hippie.

Red Light can be a little pricey for the average high schooler. Simple t-shirts can cost up $20, jackets can going into $50 and up range. However, considering the brand, condition, and era most items are from, the price is usually reasonable.

Red Light is a store to get lost in. So get ready to spend a couple of hours sifting through hundreds of one of a kind items because you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love.



4552 University Way NE 98105

Price: $

One of the best things about Goodwill are the prices. Although there may not be as many rare and original items as Red Light or Lucky Vintage, purchasing cheap, stylish clothing is easy at Goodwill.

The store’s appearance isn’t its strong suit, however. The first level is somewhat dirty and comes off as a basic, underwhelming thrift store. The store is split down the middle, men’s clothing on the left, women’s on the right, shoes displayed on top of the clothing racks and miscellaneous house items in the back making everything fairly easy to find but fairly forgettable. Nonetheless, the appearance doesn’t always reflect on the clothing selection and price.

Finding affordable and fashionable clothing here is easier than the other thrift stores. The first level has a decent selection of fashion forward clothing but a short climb upstairs to the second level reveals a whole new section of the store.

This is where shoppers can find the best clothing items. Here, shoppers are able to find everything from men’s dress blazers to vintage mini skirts. It’s cleaner, the clothes are in better condition, and there are more one of a kind pieces.

Goodwill is worth the visit because of its second floor. Unfortunately, the larger first level cannot compare to upstairs, but try popping in and looking up there for something fun you might like.


Buffalo Exchange

Address: 4530 University Way NE 98105

Price: $$

Buffalo Exchange’s sign reads “Buy. Sell. Trade.” for a reason. It’s not just a store for buying new clothes, it’s also a place where you can purchase or swap old clothes.

Clothes can be sold for 30 percent of their selling price, or can be traded for store credit in 50 percent of their selling price. Like Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange is full of a wide variety of clothing, most being reasonably priced.

The windows are lined with mannequins dressed in on-trend outfits made up of clothing from the store, and the interior is spacious, filled with circular racks of different categories of apparel.

Buffalo Exchange isn’t meant for people who don’t enjoy shopping. If you want to find something, it’s going to take lots of searching. But when you find a piece you absolutely love, it’s worth it.


Lucky Vintage

4742 University Way NE 98105

Price: $$$

The concept of vintage comes to life inside Lucky Vintage. Filled with racks stocked full of fur coats and swing dance dresses, the store almost feels like a true step back in time.

Offering all kinds of luxurious garments for men and women, the store sells clothes dating back from as early as the 1800s, up to the 1990s. Seeing the products that Lucky has to offer is sometimes unbelievable.

They have pieces like an actual 1920s dinner dress, it’s authentic and real, something that was actually made and worn at that time by the people who lived through it.

However, with glorious, high-quality vintage clothing, comes high prices, and sadly, Lucky is no exception. The store’s prices are high, most of the extreme products they sell go up to as much as $3,500. In fact, the only clothing item under $30 in the store is a pair of 1940s knee-high sheer stockings.

Although, if you think you could afford some of the items in this store then you’ll definitely be fit for any 1930s themed murder mystery party coming your way.

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