Growing Up Too Fast

Growing up doesn't only mean bigger feet, but also a change in out values and actions.

Growing up doesn’t only mean bigger feet, but also a change in our values and actions.

Remember when your head only reached your parent’s and teacher’s middle and you could hardly see over the counter?

Think back to when you ran in circles and wore shirts displaying characters from all your favorite cartoons. Maybe you even wore a ribbon to show off the pretty ponytail that you did all by yourself.

Recall each sugar high you got before you realized there was no such thing. Never forget the small toys and the soft stuffies that were stuffed into the closet one by one.

Maybe there was one favorite toy that you brought out every few months just so it didn’t get too lonely.

In middle school, most of us were transitioning into young adulthood and experiencing the beginning of puberty.

While many kids found themselves with more freedom and responsibility– and zits– they also may have received more judgment from adults and peers.

To no surprise, we all found that high school brings even more of that.

In late October, young teenagers might be hearing their parents tell them that they are too old for trick-or-treating or to dress up as certain things. Others may have been told so in the past and have already given up.

We all grow out of Disney princesses and fairy tales at some point. But how many teenagers would still show their excitement when a new Disney or Pixar movie comes out if they hadn’t been told that they needed to grow up and move on from them?

Some with younger siblings, and even some without, do still enjoy trick or treating, despite disapproving words from parents and other adults.

Clearly, some do still relish the same things we all did in Elementary school and early Middle School.

Others might be fond of these things but maybe aren’t as keen to show it. With family and close friends, however, they might show their excitement when Grandma sends them a stuffed animal.

Although parents and other adults are usually just trying to do the right things, are they really right? Are we really getting too old for these things?

No. I don’t think so.

Photo by FUMIGRAPHIK_Photographist.

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