Freshie Anxietie


Freshman Fiona Noonan tries to navigate the emotional roller coaster that is freshman year.

Fresh outta junior high, all the suggested school supplies in the new crisp Jansport backpack, full of energy and excitement: new freshman. Finding your “place” in the beginning of high school can be both physically and mentally difficult. With the classic Adolescent thoughts, and doubts “Who even am I?” “What am I doing?” “Did I say those words in that order?”  can sometimes make you feel like you’re making a fool of yourself. “I think for me the concept of being popular was really big. I think that was a really big thing freshman year, and it definitely dies down like straight up after freshman year” said senior Jacob Chan.

Relationships and connections are so much of what we do In high school and lunch can be a big part of achieving that human connection. Going into high school and being grouped in random collections of people, that you may have very little in common, with can be exciting. “Definitely in freshman year you’re just trying to stay on top of it, you’re trying to stay social and wanting to feel accepted.” Especially in the first few weeks of school. Accidentally calling your teacher mom—one of the most horrifying interactions of all—is even more terrifying when you’re just starting to get the hang of things.

It’s hard to refrain from a little self-deprecating humor. But I found that staying confident enough with your candid self to develop new friendships is an important element. “When i was a freshman a teacher one of my teachers told that how you can immediately see who’s a freshman and who’s a sophomore is by how big the group is and i think that is definitely true like if you are a freshman you’re gonna try to associate yourself with as many people as possible,here as senior year the groups get smaller and smaller.” Said senior Yuval Arian on freshman. “Hang out with people that make you happy,  like do things that make you happy just don’t get caught up in things that stress you out too much or you don’t enjoy doing.. and that’s what i wish i told myself” said senior Kyra Yanny on advice for freshman.

Lunch is a simple concept of sitting and eating with some buds— sometimes feels like a rushed event of cutting conversations short and barely getting in a bite of a granola bar. You can wander, and initially sit where ever you please. But when in doubt, you can always go with one of the classics. The lunchroom/commons for instance where it’s loud, but close to a food source. The lunchroom is known as a common freshman hot-spot. Is it popular due to its convenience of being in the center school? no way to know but freshman flock. Many tend to be unaware of the other happening places in the school. You could always go with one of my personal favorites, sitting in a classroom and conversing with a favorite teacher. The second thing you have to take into account is whom you’ll be lunching with. Finding your friends during lunch can also be a struggle due to the masses of people flooding from all directions. Since there’s the convenient no cell phone reception quality to our cement box school calling up a friend to see where they’re at is not always an option. “When you go to lunch before you like see anyone you know like trying to find your group was definitely the most anxiety filled moment, still like a little bit now in senior year just walking alone thinking what do i do” said senior Daniel Rice.



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