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"I am not talented, I am obsessed"

“I am not talented, I am obsessed”

by Stanley Godfrey

With a serious face, and a gorilla and a tiger tattooed on his chest, one could understand why martial artist Conor McGregor  is a good fighter.

But beneath this warrior is a brilliant story.

A fight against Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden earlier this month, made him the first man to win two weight classes simultaneously.

Millions of McGregor’s fans watched to witness the legendary man show his art.

Born in 1988, in Dublin, Ireland, he grew up in a low class family but was passionate about fighting.

Although he would receive welfare checks to get by, McGregor was always at the gym practicing his many martial arts.

He was taught by the great Irish jiu-jitsu black belt John Kavanagh, but later taught himself boxing, kickboxing, Karate, and Taekwondo.

Mcgregor has a very famous strategy when he practices for a fight. Part of the fame of this practicing relies on its unconventional style.

Conor Mcgregor prefers to practice different things instead of just one.

“People are so caught up in routine, doing the same thing over and over. I want to be an expert in many different things,” he said.

Conor Mcgregor used training styles from Israeli movement specialist Ido Portal, who used different components of dance, circus, somatics, and martial arts to workout. This innovation in training would lead to making him an expert competitor in the fighting game.

In 2008, only at the age of twenty,  he was put in the Cage of Truth 2 and won his fight against Gary Morris, and thus became 60,000 dollars richer.

After this win, he worked towards becoming a fighter for the UFC. Due to his perseverance this goal was later accomplished.

McGregor was first signed into the UFC in 2013, and after multiple victories began to make a name for himself. Until later in August, 2013, McGregor tore his ACL fighting, which left him 10 months out of the game.

He came back in 2014 with a win that earned him the “Performance of the Night” award. Since then Conor McGregor has won numerous fights against different MMA professionals.

He is also a big character on social media, and often speaks his mind.  

In 2015 Ireland called a vote to make same sex marriage legal and McGregor famously posted on Twitter.

Myself and my team are urging everyone to please VOTE YES TO EQUALITY! Every human deserves equal rights.”

His fighting spirit also goes into his social media life, Conor McGregor has been known for trash talking any one who does not respect him.

Shortly after his fight with Alvarez, he got in a heated debate with American Boxer Floyd Mayweather.

This argument was started when Mayweather mentioned to a reporter to never compare him to McGregor because it was a disrespect.

This lead McGregor to attack back to Mayweather’s comment releasing videos online. These bouts between Mayweather and McGregor have made McGregor say he would like to fight the Champion Boxer.

Although this fight probably won’t happen this is still another example of McGregor’s hot headed attitude toward other people.

He is very proud of where he comes from and is a huge icon in Ireland. After every fight he puts an Irish flag around his back and waves with pride.

After his big fight with Alvarez, UFC announcer Joe Rogan talked to him in front of the crowd, Mcgregor thanked everyone for coming out, but said he wanted a second belt for both his victories, and of course talked trash about the other fighters in the UFC.

“I’ve ridiculed everybody on the roster, and I would like to take this chance to apologize to no one”

A second later Joe Rogan gives him his second belt.

McGregor Smiles.

“It’s a dream turned reality.”   

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