Criminally Over Priced Gowns

“Urgent! All seniors please report to the commons immediately,” the loudspeaker announced. As 300 seniors made their way to the commons and took their seats, presenter Scott Krenz finished his set. Krenz is the founder of Jostens, a high school graduation company that sells rings, bracelets, letterman jackets, caps, and gowns.

During his presentation, Krenz advertised all of his different options and packages that you could order from his company. He pitched the senior class an array of combinations ranging from $40 to $800. There was a “Raider Package” that was $245 that had all of the essential raider gear. Krenz continued by saying that this was what the majority of the seniors last year bought.

The prices of the graduation items were overpriced, sending many seniors into a mad frenzy. The tradition of senior graduation is way too important to have students worried about paying for it.

“I think that the Raider Package is fake and I don’t think that a majority of people bought that. I talked to people from last year and no one bought that package. So he made it just for advertising and more money,” senior Claire Furtick said.

In a government-funded school building, it’s unreasonable for this private independent company to come during our school day and talk to the senior class about buying from their company.

Graduation is a celebration. For seniors, it symbolizes one of your greatest accomplishments, marking the next step in your life. For families, it is a time to congratulate, rejoice, and remember. With so many other things families have to pay for, they shouldn’t have to pay for caps and gowns.

The presentation mentioned that if students weren’t able to pay the full cost of the unfairly overpriced caps and gowns, students could apply for financial aid. However, students should be able to participate in graduation without having to pay and worry about money, let alone apply for financial aid. After working hard for four years in high school, there should be nothing holding students back from finally walking across the stage and receiving their diploma.

It seems like there could be a simple solution for the cost of graduation items. Year after year, whole classes of seniors go through caps and gowns and then never use them again.

Graduated seniors should donate their used gowns to classes below them. Even if Hale students already do this on an individual basis, it should be more available to everyone and they should make it more well known.

For seniors who don’t want to have used gowns, Hale should still provide new caps and gowns.

Sure, having to pay for caps and gowns is ridiculous, but paying the school would be a lot better than being forced to pay an independent company. At least you would know that your money was going to go to the school that you just spent four years at.

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