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Hale freshman Milla Miller struggles with the life of glasses.

My chronic disease called glasses

By Milla Miller I am a member of the freshman class at Nathan Hale High School. I am 5’3’’ with brown hair and green eyes. And I am a proud survivor of a terrible chronic disease called glasses. No worries. My illness proves to be neither fatal nor contagious, but it gives me large amounts of trouble and it doesn’t […]

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Nathan Hale's pep band plays during half time as Hale's varsity girls play against Eastside Catholic on January 6th.

What about pep band?

by Milla Miller On the evening of one of the many Nathan Hale varsity basketball games, people are everywhere. Cheerleaders stand on the sidelines and security stands ready along either end of the gym. Front and center on one side of the bleachers sit about 30 students holding various wind instruments, from flutes to tubas, surrounded by yellow caution tape. […]

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Growing up doesn't only mean bigger feet, but also a change in our values and actions.

Growing Up Too Fast

Remember when your head only reached your parent’s and teacher’s middle and you could hardly see over the counter? Think back to when you ran in circles and wore shirts displaying characters from all your favorite cartoons. Maybe you even wore a ribbon to show off the pretty ponytail that you did all by yourself. Recall each sugar high you […]

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Seattle's Space Needle in the rain.

The Storm of 2016

By Milla Miller It’s the day of Homecoming and Seattle has decided to start celebrating the end of summer. Rain pours down in sheets so the horizon line is nothing but a gray blur. Trees bend to dangerous extents. The wind and thunder work together to create a frightening effect. This is how Seattle looked all throughout the weekend following […]

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