Articles By: Jonah Ehling

Seniors Tuazjalo King [right] and Ariel Pio, and junior Susan Gatluk [left] perform their impassioned spoken word during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day assembly on January 12th.

New Intentions for MLK Assembly

Different leadership, a different assembly, and a different message. This year, for the first time, the annual Martin Luther King Jr. assembly was run by Hale’s Black Student Union, BSU. “In previous years, they definitely missed the mark because the people running the assembly were white,” senior Precious Anetipa said. The annual MLK assembly has been run by the leadership […]

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Criminally Over Priced Gowns

“Urgent! All seniors please report to the commons immediately,” the loudspeaker announced. As 300 seniors made their way to the commons and took their seats, presenter Scott Krenz finished his set. Krenz is the founder of Jostens, a high school graduation company that sells rings, bracelets, letterman jackets, caps, and gowns. During his presentation, Krenz advertised all of his different […]

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