A-YO Gaga’s Back


Lady Gaga speaking at a vigil for the victims on the shooting in Orlando on the steps of City Hall.

It’s been nearly five years since Lady Gaga’s last hit album, “Born This Way,” was released. Since then, Gaga has fallen off the map after creating “Artpop” in 2013 and a year later releasing “Cheek To Cheek” with Tony Bennett. But since October 21st, the singer has had a resurgence.
Within releasing the new album, “Joanne,” Lady Gaga has almost completely changed musical genres. Always known as a crazy, eccentric pop artist, Gaga as transformed into a more mature, soft rock musician.
Compared to all of her work prior to “Cheek to Cheek” and “Joanne,” Lady Gaga has always produced energetic, danceable, pop music and has even had world wide popular songs like “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Applause,” and “Just Dance.”
Releasing “Perfect Illusion” as the first single of the album, my impression was that “Joanne” would be yet another series of pop songs. But after the entire track was released, it was made clear to me that Gaga wanted to expand.
Every song in the album has a unique sound and can appeal to a vast variety of music listeners.
“A-YO” is is one of the most popular songs on the album. Though it’s about smoking, it’s made up by the incredibly catchy beat, and impressive vocals that can get any person up and dancing. With a pop rock sound, I believe that it’s a song that most could listen to.
“Million Reasons” is another popular song. Gaga’s voice is filled with emotion and power as she sings with simply a piano, guitar, and a second harmonizing voice.
But there are two slightly weak spots in the album.
“Hey Girl,” featuring Florence Welch, and “Come To Mama” are both well produced, recorded, and sung, but I think the only problem is that the two seem out of place. They both have a completely differently song and tone from the rest of the album.
“Hey Girl” is a slow duet and “Come To Mama” sounds almost like the theme song to a TV show.
“There are two sides of me. There is the side that is a true rebel and then another side of me that is my father’s daughter,” Gaga says in a New York Times interview. “And so this album, it doesn’t lean necessarily lean in a particular direction which is why the album title is “Joanne”. This is my middle name.”

Photo by Eric Garcetti, Creative Commons

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