Five parties; zero smiles

Hundreds gather in the Westin Hotel watch election results

Hundreds gather in the Westin Hotel watch election results

by Stanley Godfrey

The streets were anxious in Seattle on election day this year. Every bar, store, and house had the election on the TV as families and friends watched.

I journeyed around the buzzing city with my friend, a political science major, as well as others in the local political scene.

As we went ’round to different events that evening, everyone was talking about the election.

Even our Uber driver had his opinions on the situation.

“Trump is a businessman, not a politician,” he said. He continued to talk about how nuclear war is a threat when Trump is in office.

His vote was probably for Hillary.

We went to the Washington Democratic Party at the Westin Hotel downtown. Since it was early in the night and the election had yet to turn, people weren’t worried and instead were optimistic.

US Senator Maria Cantwell spoke, as well as the state auditor Pat McCarthy.

One of the most important attendees was Jim McDermott, a retired member of congress from the 7th District.

These guest speakers brought support to all the democrats in that room in the early hours, and cheered on Clinton as well.

Brady Walkinshaw raises hope for the democrats of Capitol Hill

Brady Walkinshaw raises hope for the democrats of Capitol Hill

The night’s next stop was The Canterburys, a bar on Capitol Hill, to see Brady Walkinshaw’s campaign party and results.

Walkinshaw was running for congress in the 7th District and he lost to his opponent Pramila Jayapal, but he remained proud of the journey he had been on.

He gave a speech in which he extended his thanks to everyone that had helped him, and also to Jayapal for leading a good campaign.

“As the Democratic Progressive we have the ability to change things in the North West,” Walkinshaw said. “We have to get more work done, we must stay behind Hillary Clinton”.

The environment was tense at most of places I traveled later that night, and it did not get better in the morning. When I woke up around 7:30 am, I saw the newspaper lying down on the table. In large words it said “IT’S TRUMP”.

Here at Hale and in its community, it seems like there has been an obvious disliking to the election results. People were all talking about the election, some said nothing, and some cried. This will be talked about for weeks to come.

Whichever side you are on, this election has made history.

photos by: Stanly Godfrey


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