A change of experience

Being the only female wrestler on a team can be tough. However this season the tides have changed as more girls joined in, which has changed the outlook of the team. Junior Kayla Rogers now has sophomores Samantha Swainson, Lorren Geiger, Elle Murray and Junior Ana Marbett on her team.

Rogers had always been the only girl on the team for the past two years as the lone female representative for the school at league meets and state competition. Using the fireman’s and saturday night ride go-to moves to take down her opponent, she has gone to state both years.

“It makes me so much happier, like last year was kind of a pain not having any girls,” Rogers said. As a leader she has given hope to her teammates and wants them to be accepting of their natural body.

“I hope my impact would be for them is learning to accept their bodies for who they are, and teach them that wrestling is like a sense of community,” Rogers said.

Her ability to lead her teammates has had a positive impact on them through their attitudes and how they feel.

“I feel really good, I feel like we have a super good community,” Geiger said.

Geiger has also set out some strong goals for herself that she hopes to conquer before the season comes to an end.

“I’d like to get past injury, win a few matches, and get better as a wrestler,” Geiger said.

Both wrestlers are optimistic in getting over any problems they have, being stronger together as a unit and striving for success. Any injury to an athlete can be devastating and demoralizing but Geiger has other plans for her future. Another wrestler on the team that strives to do well is Elle Murray who also brings something to the team.

“My attitude is good, and I don’t bring people down and I’m pretty positive,” Murray said.

Coach Jared Daniels who has been coach for the fourth year now has also witnessed Rogers impact on the team and what she has done for them.

“I think she is the reason they’re here,” Daniels said.

Daniels hopes to get far this season as usual, but this season he hopes for something else too that would be a historical accomplishment.

“I would like most of them to make it to regionals, and Kayla’s goal is a state medal. She would be the first girl to ever medal for Ballard,” Daniels said.

Both goals are big and something that has the team motivated to win. But coach Daniels has also seen something in these girls that has made him proud.

“They’re really strong. Mentally too,” Daniels said.

And with that, the team is focused and locked in to achieve their goals and not let injuries hold them back. This is a season that has a chance of going down in the history books. Rogers has a chance of doing something special both for herself and her school. Having more girls join the team has opened the door for more girls to join the team. With their season already in full swing we have yet to see what happens. But with the great leadership, the positive attitude, and the will that these wrestlers have shown, success can happen.

“You gotta be tough,” Daniels said.


Source: Talisman

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